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Savings Discipline: Where It Is Plentiful and Where It Is Scarce

Mechanisms for encouraging savings discipline are abundant when the objective is home ownership or acquisition of costly consumer goods, but not when the objective is a comfortable retirement. Read Article

Assuring Price Integrity In a Dysfunctional Market: Introducing the HECM Price Checker

To help reduce large price spreads in the HECM reverse mortgage market, my kosher calculator now includes a "price checker" that allows users to assess the reasonableness of any price quote. Read Article

Becoming a Homeowner When You Don't Now Qualify For a Mortgage

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Payday loans are quick and convenient for occasional use, but too many users become payday loan junkies. Rules are needed to discourage habitual use. Read Article

Should You Take a Reverse Mortgage Now, or Would it Be Better to Wait?

While the draw amounts available on a HECM reverse mortgage may increase modestly as the borrower gets older and her property appreciates, they will decline precipitously with only modest increases in interest rates. Read Article

Shift Control of Appraisals to Mortgage Borrowers: Some Further Thoughts

This article looks at the role of appraisal management companies and the secondary market agencies in the shift to a system of borrower control of appraisals. Read Article

Shift Control of Appraisals to Mortgage Borrowers

This article argues that shifting control of appraisals to borrowers would reduce their costs and make them more effective shoppers. Read Article

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